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  • 泌尿科

    Devices and treatments to meet your patients’ orthopaedic, urological and aesthetic needs. Find out why Shockwave is becoming the new standard in preventative and non-invasive treatment techniques.

  • 骨科【疼痛管理】

    Expand your practice’s treatment portfolio with the latest in non-invasive cosmetic devices. From anti-ageing HIFU to fat freezing, laser facials, phototherpay, body contouring and more. Help more patients get the results they want, without surgery.

  • 脑科

    Effective, powerful, affordable, table-top systems, with user-friendly technology to give your clinic the edge in facial and body treatments. Our second to none knowledge and after sales care will make this an invaluable addition to your clinic.

  • 心脏科

    Whilst Shockwave therapy benefits for human treatment is well documented, Storz Medical are recognising the huge potential benefits to busy vet practices. Mobile and powerful, we have the new technology that can help you today.

  • 客户评价

    The increase in demand from the public for treatments such as HIFU and Fat Freezing has been great because it has meant increased clinic footfall for us. To take advantage of this opportunity, we need fantastically reliable devices and also to understand how to get the best out of them. Venn Healthcare have worked with us every step of the way to ensure we deliver the clinically proven results these machines can deliver. The Ultraformer, Clatuu and Healite II are reliable and consistent." Donna Talfourd-Cook - New York Laser Clinic London – user of Ultraformer III HIFU/Clatuu fat freezing/Healite II





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